The Process

At our initial meeting, Rory will listen to your design ideas and talk about your budget. He will then work with you to get the best possible design to work in with your desires, wishes and budget. From here we’ll then organize for you to get detailed plans drawn up.

After you have detailed plans drawn up, Rory will then be able to give you an exact cost of what it will cost to build your new home. From here Rory will then get you to sign contracts, with you knowing that there will be no hidden extras. We will then submit your plans along with all the other necessary documentation to council for approval.

Once council approval has been received, Rory will then start the process of building your new home. Rory personally manages the construction of your new home to ensure it is built to the highest standards and within the desired time frames. There will be clear communication throughout the construction process via regular emails, site visits and phone calls.

When the construction comes to an end, Rory will walk you through your new home to make sure all your dreams have been met. Once the keys are handed over to you, Homely Homes will still be there to honour their warranty and personal service and support for years to come.